Origin: Ottawa/Burlington, Canada

Genre: Pop/Indie

Years Active: 2020 - Present

Label: Independent 

Management: Beware of Dog MGMT

Official Websites: patchworkxmusic.com


After meeting through a university exchange program in France, we instantly felt a musical connection. We are best friends who love to make music together. We began playing open mics in November 2019, and since then have sought to grow as artists and further explore our sound. 

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Patchwork Band



An upbeat and sassy break-up track that will have you singing along with every line, this song tells the story of one of our members' recent heartbreaks. We feel it expresses a sentiment many listeners will relate to.

It is often said that music has the power to change the world. As artists it is our responsibility to give back to the community that we are so fortunate enough to play our music for.  

We had been planning the release of Used to You for quite some time. Recent events have shown that there are more important voices to be heard than our own - especially those fighting for equality. We thought that maybe, through our music, we could do something beneficial for our local community here in Ottawa and throughout Canada.

As such, during the month of July, we donated 100% of the revenue we receive from our debut single, Used to You, to the Black Health Alliance - a charity whose mission we strongly support. With this, you (our listeners) donated to an important cause for free by simply streaming our music. In addition, the revenue we receive from any radio air-play was also donated.

"Gridley’s voice—reminiscent of that of Leigh Nash—is just too beautiful... Patchwork create a sound uniquely their own. You need their vibe at least once a day.

-Sam Corrazza, UNXIGNED 2020

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"The song’s fast-paced, it’s loud and is an excellent introduction into a band who’s just getting started."


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This slow-building ballad with an epic finish might just rip your heart into pieces while it tells the story of a relationship caught in purgatory. Leave Me is a testament to the woes and hardships often experienced when one's love is in peril. 

"What’s most intriguing about ‘Leave Me’ is the emotional mindset that it creates... This, guys, is way more than meets the ear. This is soulfood.

- Florian Maier, kms reviews

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Below you will find some live videos of us playing some of the songs we hope to release in the future.




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Patchwork live

Patchwork band playing at Live on Elgin