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Introducing Patchwork's debut single, Used to You. 

Available July 1 on all platforms.




An upbeat and sassy break-up track that will have you singing along with every line, this song tells the story of one of our members' recent heartbreaks. We feel it expresses a sentiment many listeners will relate to.

This is the first song we wrote together as a band, and we had an amazing time doing it! 

Interested in playing the song yourself? Want to sing along? Click Learn More to find the lyrics and tabs for the track. 


It is often said that music has the power to change the world. As artists it is our responsibility to give back to the community that we are so fortunate enough to play our music for. 

We have been planning the release of Used to You for quite some time now. Recent events have shown that there are more important voices to be heard than our own - especially those fighting for equality. We thought that maybe, through our music, we could do something beneficial for our local community here in Ottawa and throughout Canada.

As such, this summer we will be donating 100% of the revenue we receive from our debut single, Used to You, to the Black Health Alliance - a charity whose mission we strongly support. With this, you (our listeners) will be able to donate to an important cause for free by simply streaming our music. In addition, the revenue we receive from any radio air-play will also be donated.

Interested in learning more about the Black Health Alliance? Want to donate directly? Click here to visit their website.