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Named after a small café in France where Mel and Simon first met, Patchwork - the musical duo - began playing together in 2017. Since moving back to Ottawa in 2018, we have added Taylor, one of Simon's childhood best friends, as our newest guitarist. 


We'd like to give back to our community, one that has been very supportive of our band, and therefore we will be donating all July revenue from Used to You to the Black Health Alliance, a local charity which we believe is doing an incredible job in supporting black communities within Canada. Visit our "Used to You" page for more information. 

Mlni - Vocals

It's hard for a singer to pinpoint the time that they began singing. 

Yet, if you were to ask Mel, she would tell you that her life as a singer, a musician, began before her first steps - albeit her microphone back then was more likely a shampoo bottle in the shower.

She's gone through some transitions in the last couple of years, trading out her old equipment and beginning to share her voice and songs with you. 

She plays the kind of music she likes to jam out to, so you are almost sure to catch an Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift song during the set of any Patchwork show. 

Also a solo and session artist, be sure to check out Mlni's latest projects outside of Patchwork!

MLNi singer

Simon - Guitar


Born and raised in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada, Simon has been strumming chords since his early days.


After playing with an assortment of bands in the past, he is super excited to get underway with Patchwork. A huge fan of Bruce Springsteen and the Chili Peppers, Simon loves to incorporate various playing styles and genres of music into every song he writes.


Taylor Brooks musician

Taylor - Guitar/Vocals

Normally found playing classic rock and folk tracks straight from the 80s, Taylor woke up one morning, and to his horror, found himself in a pop band. An awesome guitarist with hair that his bald bandmate, Simon, could only dream of, Taylor brings an incredible amount of musical experience and talent to the Patchwork lineup.